The Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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After reading the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, written by ex-slave Frederick Douglass, the oppression that slaves faced during the antebellum error was magnified to me. I always knew about the horrors of slavery, but Douglass was able to illustrate in depth the struggles he overcame on his path to becoming educated. According to Douglas, his education ultimately led to his freedom. Douglas created a positive cultural identity for blacks through the writing of his narrative, by showing that a black man is capable of not only writing his own story but having the will to survive and escape slavery. In the end, he employed that will and intelligence for the betterment of his fellow man during a time when people of his color and conviction were shoutout from intelligent civil discourse. Frederick Douglass grew up on Great House Farm owned by Colonel Lloyd. It was here he experienced the brutal life that slaves faced. He learned what it was like to be free and saw what it was like to be denied that freedom by seeing the high life of his white owners and overseers. Thus compared to the oppression and denial of basic human rights of his fellow black slaves. He witnessed beatings, whippings, and murder. One, in particular, included him watching his Aunt Hester being chained up and whipped. After seeing these sins, he realized the tortures of slavery were just as much psychological as they were physical. This was origination of his resolve to do something about the…

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