The Narrative Of Giovanni And Lusanna Essay

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Giovanni and Lusanna
The narrative of Giovanni and Lusanna tells of an unusual situation in mid-fifteenth century Florence, when a bourgeois woman, Lusanna, took her forbidden lover, Giovanni, to court over the legal status of their secret marriage. The two had been covert lovers for twelve years before Giovanni publicly married an aristocrat woman instead of Lusanna. The chain of events was captured, by Ser Filippo Mazzei, as a notary of the court proceedings. These included court transcripts and witness accounts. The records were scattered among Mazzei’s “notarial corpus”, but they survived, and most of the fragments were available to Gene Brucker. This was a testament to the impressive record keeping in 15th century Florence. Brucker used these transcripts to give an account of the class-cross lovers. His account of the court proceedings allows one to analyze the place of women in society and culture of 15th century Florence, as well as the role of women in the maintaining the status quo.
Women in 15th-century Florence were not considered citizens. All of them were denied political rights. In essence, every woman needed a man to represent her and account for her whereabouts. This is seen when in Giovanni and Lusanna where Lusanna needed her brother to represent her in court. This also showed how the society elevated the place of a man. The case was laden with intimate details of the Giovanni and Lusanna’s twelve-year affair that was characterized by intense lust and…

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