The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass Essay

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The narrative of Frederick Douglass was focused around life as a slave and the road to becoming free. The narrative had a lot of interesting information that many people do not learn about in school. The book starts off with Douglass talking about how his life was growing up as a slave. He’s father was a white man and he was separated from his mother as an infant. The book goes on to tell how his masters were and what treatment he had to endure during his time as a slave. He talked about watching his aunt getting whipped; seeing his aunt covered in blood as she screamed. Growing up in the 21st century it is hard to believe that black people lived like this. No one should have to go through the things that Fredrick Douglass went through. Not until Douglass lived with the Hugh’s family did he learn how to read and write. His mistress treated him kindly even though at this time she could have been killed for such actions toward a black man. Then years Douglass tells of the master that brutally beat his slaves. One day Douglass has enough of the cruel treatment and fights him master, Covey. From that moment on Covey did not mess with him again. Later in the book Douglass talks about his road to freedom and what he did to earn the money to pay for it. The books end with him and his wife leaving for New Bedford to start their new lives together. While they were living in New Bedford Douglass still was treated differently from the whites because they didn’t want to work beside a…

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