The Narrative Of Federick Douglass : An American Slave Essay

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Former slave and civil rights advocate, Federick Douglass, in his novel “The Narrative of Federick Douglass: An American Slave”, describes the harrowing account of his experiences as a slave in America. Douglass’ purpose is to argue, convince and persuade the audience to share his belief that education is the pathway to freedom. He uses ethos to persuade the audience of his beliefs.
Federick Douglass wrote the narrative as a recollection of his memories during of which he was a slave. His book gave people from all walks of lives a chance to understand/see what being a slave meant and how it affected the person. As the reader reads further in to the narrative, it is made extremely apparent his anger towards his slave owners which could be, in some part, due to his advancement in education. “An educated slave is a discontent slave”. By stating and arguing his own feelings and beliefs about the situation that he and many others were unfortunately in, the audience was thoroughly convinced of the inhumane ways of slavery, as well as persuaded of his beliefs.
*quote from f.d. about his own stories he’s witnessed*, put ethos in to action. Many people had heard of the horrifying stories that came along with slavery, but that’s all they were at the time; stories. F.D. made it more real by taking in to account his own experiences and describing them in such a way that a person would almost be obligated to feel sympathy and/or guilt. Although the audience can never understand to the…

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