Essay The Named And The Nameless

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The Named and the Nameless In Joseph Conrad’s novel The Heart of Darkness Marlow, a new explorer for The Company, finds himself traveling into the heart of Africa and the darkness within it. During his journey he encounters many different people, but only he and the mysterious Mr Krutz, the manger of the central station in the heart of it all, are ever named. Every other character is named based on their title or who they appear to be. Overall in The Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad defines his characters and their importance through the use of stereotypes, dehumanization of their identities, and specifying only certain characters’ names. Throughout the novel Conrad names his characters based on their appearances or their intended roles. The stereotypes allow the reader to place them in their specific role for the story. Two major groups of characters are named using this methods and based on stereotypes. The Pilgrims are the civilized conquerors who are coming to revive the land they have journeyed too much as their name would imply. In juxtaposition the Cannibals are the savage and uncivilized natives. The titles which these groups are given automatically show the reader who the uncivilized and civilized are more than any specific or individual name could. Since the Pilgrims are civilized they are automatically better than the Cannibals. At one point, Marlow speaks of his surprise that the Cannibal had restraint after losing their source of food writing, “they had…

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