The Music Of The Madagascar People Essay example

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In 1994, jazz guitarist, Henry Kaiser, returned from his trip to Norway. Kaiser and David Lindley spent several weeks field recording the traditional music of its people for an album entitled, The Sweet Sunny North. This was the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated album, A World Out of Time, which featured the music of the Madagascar people. He brought the tapes to the Shanachie Records’ New York City offices for mastering and preparation for release on compact disc. I was a young assistant to the artist and repertoire executive who oversaw this project and was fortunate to attend the meeting where Henry Kaiser played the recordings and we discussed the marketing strategy. Thankfully, the new publicist hired a few moths after me was also in attendance. After Kaiser played several tracks by Annbjorg Lein, the traditional hardanger fiddler, and Knut Reiersrud, a guitarist who effortlessly blended American blues with traditional Norwegian folk, the record executives and Kaiser began bouncing around some marketing ideas. The new publicist, trying to narrow down her description of the project for the upcoming push to the press, called the project “a continuation of Kaiser and Lindley’s ethnomusicologist journeys to the various corners of the earth” to little enthusiasm. While not a bad first attempt, Henry Kaiser and my boss did not desire the word “ethnomusicologist” attached to the project for a variety of reasons. First, they found it too academic. Second, they…

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