The Murder Named Jack The Ripper Essay

1148 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
The murder named Jack the Ripper is familiar to everyone, and is known to be one of the most brutal killers in Europe, and also the most mysterious. Till this day not a lot is known about the mysterious killer, what is known are the brutal murders, the vile letters from hell, and the legacy of the killer. The murders were all located around east London in Whitechapel and all were women of a certain job title that was referred to as “women of the night" with no more clues of their murderer other than letters sent after. From the murders to the letters, his legacy is still talked about this day with museums and movies for Mr. Ripper and is it is still unknown who he really was and why he committed such hellish acts of violence. The killer Jack had four victims, each one slightly different from the other, from Mary to Mary the killer would show different acts of violence while also similarities. Mary Nichole was the killer 's first known victim, she was a woman of the night which seemed to be his trend later on in his case. Nichole’s body was discovered around the Whitechapel area where the other four were later killed, she had several abdominal cuts along with two slashes of her through with the same knife as well as her abdomen was slightly ripped opened by a deep jagged wound. The next victim was Annie Chapman, like Nichole she was killed with two slashes to her throat with a knife, but unlike Nichole her entire abdomen was open along with her uterus being…

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