The Movie The Truman Show Essay

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Technology has always been something humans have both loved and feared, in a way a love-hate complexity. Technology is used to improve our lives but at the same time it’s use and meaning is constantly criticized. The topic of technology has been heavily discussed in literature and movies; from the books such as 1984 to the recent movie Maze Runner. Many writers have brought up the heavy reliance of technology and how it can become devastating to the human race. The movie The Truman Show tackles the fear of the rise of technology, reality tv shows, and the social implications on Reality TV shows.

. The rise of television in the 1950s, over half of Americans owned televisions, brought in new ways to entertain people. One of these ways being Reality Television shows. There was a spike of these shows and their popularity in the late 1990s (Wikipedia, n.d.). Consequently, The Truman Show was released in 1998, it taking a extreme look into the ethics of Reality Televisions shows, one of the points being freedom and democracy. Democracy has been something important to certain societies for centuries. In America’s society it has since 1776. However, in the movie the creators take away the component of Freedom, which can be argued the biggest component of democracy. As Michelfelder quotes, “ The capacity for significance is where human freedom should be located and grounded”. Truman, the main character, has always grown up in the reality show. The twist being that he doesn’t…

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