The Movie ' Parenthood ' Essay

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As a kid, I never got to do the normal father and son things like attending a

football game, go fishing, or even hangout with my dad. In the movie Parenthood,

Garry did not have a father figure in his life and it led him to be insecure about

himself and think something was wrong with him. My dad is a truck driver for ADM

and his schedule has been the same since he was in his 30s. He works Monday

through Friday every week, gets home Saturday and then leaves again Sunday night.

He is doing everything he can to provide for our family by working a job that takes

up most of his time. He puts us before himself and always tries to make time for us

when he is home. Like Garry, I know what it is like to not have a father who is

constantly there.

In the movie, Steve Martin who plays Gil Buckman, didn’t have the best dad

and was shut out by him. I feel like my dad relates to him in many ways because he

was alone often in his youth. My dad didn’t have the best childhood because he grew

up in an orphanage and didn’t know any of his blood-related family. He moved

around from foster home to foster home and never had a real family that cared and

looked after him. He became independent at a young age and had to take care of

himself. He was forced to grow up early and raised independently. My dad is great

role model for me because he grew up with nothing and turned himself into a loving

father and great person. He has been a truck driver as far back as my…

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