Essay about The Movie ' Invictus '

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Invictus: :”Is it Hollywood or is it History?”

Back in the time there was a lot of history in the world, South Africa however had many major events happen in the past, related to all the other countries. Since the history of South Africa is rather hard to learn for us Americans, books were published along with a movie called Invictus. This movie has great examples from the past of South Africa. It can also greatly benefited our knowledge of learning the past of South africa. In this paper I will prove that the film, “Invictus”, was historically accurate by discussing the true historical people and events, summarizing the movie, and comparing and contrasting how the movie portrayed the true people and events.

Nelson Mandela played a key part in the ending of apartheid. Nelson Mandela was a man who really cared about everyone. When he was born he was known as a “Troublemaker” When he was a child. As he grew up he was dealing with some cons of being a black South African. He dealt with racism, poor living conditions, jail time, and many more disadvantages. During his young adulthood, he was against apartheid. The outcome of it got him in jail for 27 years, but during that time he learned a lot more about life, became more bold and hardy during prison, and worked very hard. In prison Nelson Mandela was forced to work in the quarry, where you use a pickaxe to mine stone. The conditions were harsh and unfair for Nelson Mandela, however he powered through them.…

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