The Machine Of Terror Markus Rediker Analysis

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In this brilliantly written work, Markus Rediker describes a machine that manipulated the world both politically and economically. The machine of terror in which people and objects were in constant process of transformation within the slave trade. In this essay I will discuss, the theme of transformation of the ship itself, the captains of the vessels, the crews, and the poor African captives.

The ship begins from just a moving vessel which later is transformed into the naval warfare weapon, factory(plantation), and a prison for both Africans and sailors. Being just a moving vessel it managed to carry 12.4 million African souls through the Middle Passage from 1700-1808 when slavery was finally, officially abolished. These people were making a profit, not caring about who’s exploited, working conditions, and what
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Stanfield reveals that the moment a Guinea captain comes in sight of this shore, the Demon cruelty seems to fix his residence within him. In this case Satnfield demonstrates the transformation of captains attitudes, if the captain seemed barbarous on the outward passage, now he is Demonically cruel. On the other hand, sailors had dual roles, thus, were too altered from victims of the slave ship to victimizers. As a victim sailors were prisoners who were dragged to this ship from taverns, and not every sailor like Stainfield was well experienced. As a victimizer every sailor had to be cruel to the slaves while the loading process. Throughout the book, Rediker argues that the physical and psychological mistreatment of slaves was part of organized terror designed to transform free human beings into subservient prisoners, whom the captains planned to sell to plantation owners in the New World. But on their voyage they were all on the same level-because everyone on the ship feared of

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