Essay about The Movie Crash : Character Analyses

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Crash: Character Analyses in Regard to Metacognition The movie Crash is based on the dynamics of racial stereotypical behaviors. There are a slew of characters in the movie; however, six of them stand out as examples of topics related to metacognition. In viewing the movie, the six various characters interact in connecting subplots that portray realistic issues which arise in society every day. Regardless of possible lack of appreciation towards its overall connotation, the movie delves into true-life situations that cannot be ignored. Based on each character’s assertive viewpoint, connections can be established with several metacognitive concepts. Some of the relatable concepts include social learning, assessing decisions, self-concept, accommodation, and ethnocentrism. The list of characters in the movie Crash to be addressed is as follows: Detective Graham Waters (played by Don Cheadle), Officer John Ryan (played by Matt Dillon), Officer Tom Hansen (played by Ryan Phillippe), Cameron Thayer (played by Terrence Howard), Jean Cabot (played by Sandra Bullock), and Anthony (played by Chris Bridges). Detective Graham Waters is the first voice heard as the movie opens. He commands attention to his words, stating that people feel the need to crash into each other. He was speaking metaphorically in regards to personal relationships and the battles that everyone fights within. This statement sets the tone for the movie and makes him a character on which to focus. Detective…

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