The Movie ' Casablanca ' Essay

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Casablanca is a film that captures various themes that can be translated by the audience. The film, which was released in nineteen forty-two, was directed while most of the world was fighting in World War Two. The film captures the aspect of romance while also capturing the political view of war. Casablanca captures the theme of sacrifice throughout the numerous scenes of the film. In the opening scenes of the movie, Germany is shown occupying France which causes confusion in who oversees the government. The guards are seen checking any suspicious people, in order to make sure that France is becoming the perfect spot to be governed. In this opening scene, a man is killed because he provided false documentation and then tried to flee. While many of the audience may see this as an act of violence, the guards can be seen doing it out of sacrifice. The sacrifice comes into play when the guards kill the man. This is sacrifice because the guards are protecting a cause that they believe in. The act of killing the man is to help create a better society that would lead to a more perfect environment. While at first the guards were just trying to exile the man into a different territory, when the man started to flee before his documentation was fully looked over, the guards did what they thought was necessary to protect their own cause. While the situation turned out to be violent, the situation itself is a sense of sacrifice because in the process the guards could have been hurt in…

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