The Movie ' A Beautiful Mind ' Essay

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The movie “A Beautiful Mind” demonstrates the difficult aspects of schizophrenia in a unique way. By displaying an in-depth view of mental illness from the first-person perspective, the film reveals the world through the eyes of a psychiatric patient. This feature allows the viewer to share the sights, sounds, and thoughts of the main character, John Nash, and to further understand the disease. The motion picture also conveys the troubles of his wife in dealing with his outrageous behavior, while trying to raise their child. However, the film does not include Nash’s first child out of wedlock, his escapes to Europe, and his divorce from Alicia Nash, the film’s lead woman.
The gaps in the storyline leave the viewer without key details. In the film, Nash gets slapped in the face each time he talks to a woman before he meets Alicia Larde. In actuality, Nash had a child with another woman before meeting Larde. Nash disowned the child, refusing to allow his name to appear on the child’s birth certificate, and abandoned the mother, failing to pay child support. In the movie, Nash places letters he created for the CIA in a mailbox in front of an abandoned building. Along with the letters, the real Nash actually traveled to Europe several times to try to meet top officials of the United Nations to spread the word of his top secret mathematical discoveries. The film portrays Alicia Nash as a loyal wife who never gave up on Nash, despite overwhelming schizophrenic symptoms. In…

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