The Movie A Beautiful Mind Essay

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1. The movie A Beautiful Mind is a partially biographical representation of the life of John Nash. John was a genius man with a particular love for the mathematics. At Princeton University, where he was a graduate student in the mathematics department, John’s health began to deteriorate slowly due to schizophrenia. He was obsessed with finding a truly original mathematical idea, and it came to him in the most unlikely of places: a bar. His truly original idea eventually became a cornerstone of modern economics. John married a woman, Alicia, while he was teaching at MIT and they bore a child together. He was hospitalized against his will after a series of events, and was medicated so that he could be managed. His condition improved, but he failed to continue taking his medication and relapsed. After he inadvertently hurt his wife, she almost left him, but John ran out and told her that he had realized that the people he saw did not age. This gave Alicia hope, and John began steadily improving. John recovered and was allowed to return to Princeton as a professor. The movie ended by showing that John had won a Nobel prize in economics.
2. This movie did a wonderful job capturing the deterioration of John’s health, as well as his recovery. John was first shown as an awkward, but yet very confident individual. Though it was not revealed until later in the movie, John started experiencing hallucinations when he started graduate school. His hallucinations were visual in nature,…

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