The Movement Of Indi A Long And Rich History Essay

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The women 's movement in India has a long and rich history in which millions of ordinary women live, work, and struggle to survive in order to remake their family, home, and social lives. Whether fighting for safe contraception, literacy, water, and electricity or resisting sexual harassment, a vibrant and active women 's movement is thriving in many parts of India today.
The world 's largest democracy, India is a country with a history of social movements. It is particularly known for Gandhi 's strategic use of non-violence in the national freedom movement. Related to the freedom movement of more than 68 years ago, a key area of concern for the women 's movement involves religion, particularly Hindu-Muslim differences. This concern was connected to the legacy of the partition of India and the enormous violence that accompanied independence and the creation of India and Pakistan as two separate nations. Women 's organizations confronted and engaged with victims of violence, with the religious fanaticism, and with divisions among women on the basis of religious communities. Women were victims of both groups, Hindus and Muslims. Although the trauma finds some articulation in the literature,1 the scale of the tragedy was enormous. The women 's movement (as it closely aligned with the freedom movement then) clearly had to locate its work in a broader political struggle while understanding the specific impact of religious communalism on women2. The effects of partition find…

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