Essay about The Mother 's Hierarchy

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The mother’s hierarchy is incompatible with her son’s most blatant one, because the latter’s hierarchy is almost solely designed to spite the mother. The mother, raised in a society of racism and white supremacy, is at an age where change is exceptionally difficult; additionally, she is described as innocent and childlike, making it difficult to picture her as someone who is racist consciously out of malice. Her hierarchy may be reliant on race, but it is a product of childrearing, rather than intentional harm. In contrast, Julian carries a hierarchy of intellectual superiority and of race. He is firmly aware of the errors of racism, and in his mind, this awareness makes him superior to his mother. However, he frequently has very racist thoughts about the African American race when he tries to think of different ways to insult and aggravate his mother because of her foolish racism. He purposely sits next to a black man and attempts to befriend him, solely because the stranger is black and because Julian wants to delight in her reaction (412). The incompatibility of Julian’s hierarchy with his mother’s sparks various conflicts that underlie the entire story, manifesting as aggressions on Julian’s part. Julian unabashedly exhibits the structure of his hierarchy, exercising his superiority without much thought, even after his mother’s long-time hierarchy is brutally and violently upended by a black woman wearing the same hat as she is. The conflicts that arise from their…

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