The Most Terrifying Video You 'll Ever See By Greg Craven Essay examples

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The video “The Most Terrifying Video you’ll Ever See” by Greg Craven is a video that discusses whether there should be significant action taken on climate change. Craven addresses one of the main problems with the climate change debate, which is that it has become a long bitter argument about whether climate change is real and if it is caused by human development. He is arguing that it doesn’t matter if climate change is real or not, significant action should be taken to further prevent or combat climate change because when faced with uncertainty about the future taking action is the only reasonable choice. I disagree with Craven because there should be a greater focus on information and facts when it comes to making a decision about climate change, and less about risk management, so there can be some certainty that the actions taken will be beneficial and have the fewest drawbacks in our future. While Craven’s analysis begins to address how the longer the climate change debate takes the less time we will have to combat it, there should be more focus on what is underlying problem that is making the climate change debate take so long; which is the spread of misinformation about climate change to politicians and the public by lobbyists and big corporations that deny climate change despite the scientific evidence. If the public and politicians are well informed about climate change then the decision of action should be clear and Craven’s risk management argument will not have…

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