The Most Popular Building Created Using Muslim Architecture Essays

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Throughout India there are large scale temples and smaller roadside shrines dedicated to many different gods. The roadside shrines are usually in an open area with no building around. The shrines are often natural landmarks, such as mountains and rivers, and are looked after by near communities instead of having a full-time caretaker. The Taj Mahal is the most popular building created using Muslim architecture attracting roughly 7-8 million visitors a year.

Hinduism’s sole god is Brahman but followers worship and pray to many other gods and goddesses who are manifestations of Brahman. There are three principal gods: Brahma “The Creator”, Shiva “The Destroyer”, and Vishnu “The Preserver”. Brahma is the creator of the world. There are only a handful of temples devoted to Brahma because they (he/she?) had little impact on the world after it’s creation. Shiva is the god of dance, death, and destruction and is popular because death is said to lead to rebirth and is a step towards a union with Brahman. Vishnu is the god of love, charity, and forgiveness. Vishnu will reappear in different forms called avatars to guide the human race. There is also a female principal known as Devi or “The Goddess” who is the source of femaleness in all of the gods. There are four Vedas (similar to the Bible), which are the foundation for all of Hinduism’s basic beliefs and religious practices. The law of Manu is a guide for social norms and the relationship…

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