The Most Famous Woman Of Classical Antiquity Analysis

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Analyse the reasons behind Cleopatra’s title of ‘The Most Famous Woman of Classical Antiquity’

Cleopatra grew up in the world of foreign and political struggles, allowing her to develop skills to rule Egypt independently. Cleopatra 's exile and Egypt 's foreign and political struggles lead her to meet two of the most powerful generals/leaders in her time - Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, resulting in her being the most famous woman of classical antiquity. This eventually effectuated to her downfall as it is said that her beauty was what captivated Caesar and Antony.

Foreign/Political Struggles - (Explain the Foreign/Political struggles that were present during Cleopatra’s youth): The Romans had political and economic dealings
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Cleopatra saw how Caesar’s army could aid her return to power, so she personally asked for Caesar’s assistance to help her in the war against her brother/husband, Ptolemy Xlll. Caesar recognised the queen’s proposal as the potential of being lovers and allies, hoping to unite two great lands together, Egypt and Rome, in the process as well. After Caesar’s arrival in Egypt, he fought in the ‘Alexandrian War’, solidifying Cleopatra’s grip on her throne due to Caesar’s army driving Ptolemy Xlll and his army away to drown in the Nile. Cleopatra and Caesar stayed as lovers for a year (48 BCE - 47 BCE) before the Roman leader was called to lead his army to battle again. Caesar arose victorious from his battle. However, he returned home to Rome and sent for Cleopatra to come to Rome with him where he focused on political complications of Rome, resulting in his title of a dictator. This, as a consequence, resulted in Caesar’s assassination, forcing Cleopatra to return to Egypt as the citizens of Roman accused Cleopatra of Caesar’s death. Hence why it is evident how Cleopatra’s relationship with Caesar impelled her title of ‘The most famous woman of Classical Antiquity’ for Caesar was a man of highest importance in

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