The Morality Of The Fetus Essay

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The Morality of the Fetus

When it comes to abortion there is a fine line between right and wrong or moral and immoral. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on whether or not abortion should be legal and the actual morality of the fetus. Some argue the fetus has rights while others argue its not born and the desires of the mother take presence. Most generally the morality of the fetus isn’t even taken into consideration when the abortion subject comes up, because most argue that it’s the woman’s body and they have the right to choose the outcome of what happens. Abortion should be regulated and determined on extreme measures and cases by case bases of medical necessity. “Less than 1% of all abortions take place because of rape and/or incest, 3% the baby has possible health problems the rest give various reason such as not ready or financially cant afford it.” (Abortion, 2016) The morality of the fetus should be a top priority for all arguments and its rights as a growing living human should be considered and most certainly protected.
When it comes to the argument of the morality of the fetus it falls short of anything but importance to most. Some would argue that its not born so its not human and it doesn’t have rights, it’s the woman’s body and no one should tell a woman what to do with their own body. However the fetus is a breathing living human being and should have the right to live, abortion should be considered murder. I believe once conception takes place…

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