The Morality Of Someone 's Action Essay

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What Kant is attempting to explain is if all the commonly accepted “good” things like health, wealth and friendship are really good, he asks under what conditions do these qualify as good things. He explains that all good things are not good under all circumstances. Nothing can be called good in this world with out qualification except Good Will which Kant says is the effort of rational beings to do what they ought to do rather then to act in self-interest. To better understand good will, when we act, whether or not we attain the outcome that we intended with our actions is beyond our physical and mental control, so the morality of our actions does not depend on the outcome, it depends on the will behind the action. The morality of someone’s action, therefore should be determined by the incentive behind it. In order for it to be good it doesn’t have too achieve its good end, its good in itself from the beginning. Unlike silly things that are done with immoral acts. Immoral acts might have a good end result but you had to do something not good to achieve it. Kant continues to explain that reason is an inefficient way to achieve happiness. It’s more of a way to find or produce good will out of our reasoning. Kant claims that the true purpose of reason is not to help us become happy but rather to make us worthy of happiness by assisting us in becoming virtuous. Kant closely associates morality, reason and freedom. One necessary condition of morally praise worthy…

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