The Morality Of People And The Difference Between Right And Wrong

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To Kill A Mockingbird
Alec Helgeland Block 4 December 1st, 2015

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a great story regarding the morality of people and the difference between right and wrong. Scout, a young girl that lives in a small Alabama town that is known for very old and outdated beliefs. She explores a spooky house that is owned by Nathan Radley who has a brother nicknamed “Boo” that has a reputation of never leaving the house. As they explore the property they are shot at and as they run away Jem (Scout’s Older Brother) loses his pants and tears them on the fence. When he returns for them, he finds them fixed with the hole stitched up. Shortly after, a fire breaks out in a neighbor 's house and as scout watches a blanket is put around her to keep her warm. She does not see who did it but believes it is Boo Radley who helped her. These mysterious acts of kindness make Scout very curious of Boo. In the town of Maycomb where they live, the southern culture is very prominent and when Scout’s father Atticus defends a black man in a trial the racists that make up a majority of the town are very upset. The children Scout and Jem are abused by others because of this and luckily the African American community helps support them when they are in a difficult position. When Tom Robinson, (the man that Atticus is defending) is placed in a local jail, a mob of people come to lynch him. Atticus confronts the mob and makes them disperse despite facing many angry faces. At the…

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