The Morality Of Legal And Society Acceptance Essay

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Lon L. Fuller, who was a former Carter Professor of Jurisprudence at Harvard Law School, stated in The Morality of Law, “Even if a man is answerable only to his conscience, he will answer more responsibly if he is compelled to articulate principles on which he acts.” In my option, this means that you have to answer for what you do or fail to do. This means that your morals are called upon to do the right thing at the right time. If when fail to do the right things at the right time than you have to deal with your actions. We in society are tested with the morals of legal and society acceptance. I’ll state how my moral compass will guide me in the following Scenario Analysis’s
I’m an off-duty police officer which I’m in a scenario at an old friend Steve’s house party. While at Steve’s party everyone was still in the backyard drinking then I go into the house to use the restroom. In doing so, I observe several of Steve’s friends (whom I do not know) snorting cocaine. This brings up the startling question if Steve has knowledge that people are using drugs in his house.
There major moral problems that have presented itself to me. The first is that this type of action is why illegal. The people that are using the cocaine could already have a police record or been arrested. This means that if I don’t act legally on the situation then I myself will be committed to them as a pawn whenever they need to get out of an arrest by using the fact that I saw them use it before and didn’t…

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