The Moral Tradition Of Conservative Christianity Essay

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Let’s consider an example. Some Muslims may interpret their scripture in such a way where they believe the fulfillment of their moral tradition requires them to do physical harm to others that will not adhere to Islam. If a Muslim student were to attempt to strike another student, school officials would stop the action for a multitude of reasons. None of these reasons (including the prevailing need to ensure the safety of students) specifically target Muslim morality, as rules against violence apply universally to all students. In the same way, conservative Christianity is not being targeted any more than other moral traditions when teachers intervene to prevent the continuation of perceived instances of bullying. Safety and civil order are the priorities here. Just because one may dislike how the application of a specific rule affects them more than others, or think that they have a better rationale to break the rules, does not give them increased license to do so. Galston often speaks of the absolute importance of effectively unfettered expressive liberty as a means by which citizens of a liberal democracy lead fulfilled lives. Sometimes- expressive liberty manifests itself as the outward display of a disagreement about the rules or the ways others are living their lives. Although an ordered and safe society can exist with very few formal rules regulating religious expression, such a balance only works when citizens of that society have the wherewithal to selectively…

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