Essay on The Moral And Political Arguments For Punishment

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This assignment will provide an overview of the main justifications for punishment and essentially discuss the moral and political arguments for and against punishment. A constant theme that will run throughout will be the Utilitarian philosophy of punishment. Utilitarianism is forward looking and therefore seeks to prevent the reoccurrence of crime. This is generally achieved through Deterrence, Rehabilitation and Incapacitation with all too some extent playing a vital role in the criminal justice system. UTILITARIANISM IS DEFINED(ADD DEFINITION))However the idea of doing what’s good for the greatest number of people could be contested. For instance the debate of who has the moral right to punish or is punishment based on divine laws which are still apparent in contemporary society. Although the Utilitarian philosophy of punishment provides acceptable arguments for punishment, it should not be forgotten there are weaknesses in particular in regards to Incapacitation and whether this reduces recidivism. Furthermore imprisoning an individual may not rehabilitate them instead it may escalate situations. For Instance in 2013-2014 self-inflicted deaths in England and Wales have risen to 88% the highest in ten years (BBC News, 2014). The need to reinforce social values is a crucial aspect when it comes to punishing. Most evidently in modern day society political concerns have been raised with overrepresentation of people from Black and Minority Ethnicity. Morally the aim of…

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