The Monkey 's Head Of The King Essay

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The dragonflies roared around the monkey’s head. The king’s cousin flew through the nose and delved into the brain. Massive armies attacked through the ears. The lord’s most trusted followers zipped in after him, maintaining their ranks. The glorious king commanded majestically at the head of the army, in the battle, where he could be wounded. The sunlight glistened off of his wings as he soared through the regiments. It was vital that he be here for this moment, for this was the last of the primates.
Except for humans.
The Dragonfly King strictly forbade disease carrying, for it was unethical and may spread among his fellows. He could afford no losses, for each and every troop was crucial to world domination. While the losses among his enemies may outnumber his own, his troops were highly trained and specialized. Each one could take down far more than a silly disease could. His people were his first priority, the war the second. Innocent dragonflies need not die for things that would little affect them.
The monkey was dead. His soldiers celebrated beneath him. He joined in the feasting, but ate little. It would not do to lose favor among his flies because he could eat as much as he wanted. He ate his ration, but nothing more. On the way back to the nearest fortress, the king contemplated the issue of humans. What could he do, without disease? How could he not kill them, when they die all the time from their human fellows? This last question gave him an idea.


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