The Mongol Empire Were Good Or Bad Essay

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Of all empires of the ancient world, it is difficult to determine whether or not the influences of the Mongol Empire were good or bad. Were they relentless nomadic warriors whose sole purpose of living was to kill? Or were they defined by their religious tolerance and their use of free trade? The answer lies within the minds of the conquered people – unspeakable. Generally, when an area of a city was conquered, total elimination of the population was regularly practiced to ensure security. While annihilation seems brutal, cultures were regularly destroyed. In spite of population slaughter, they had also unknowingly contributed to perhaps what is considered the most destructive enemy of the Dark Ages. The Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as the Black Death, was most likely spread by the activities of the Mongols. With their quick traveling military forces and their knack for terrorizing people into evacuation, it was very likely that the Mongols single-handedly provided the spark to the extermination of a third of the population of Europe. While many can argue that the Mongols provided unification of various countries and the re-opening of a trading system, it is not hard to visualize the damage the Mongols imprinted on the lands conquered.
Once the Mongols had taken over a city, the fallen were faced with inevitable death and torture. The Mongols had developed a systematic slaughter plan – one that supported the genocidal slaughter of any race. The Mongols were confronted by…

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