Essay The Money Disorder, Money And A Poor Man With Lots Of Money

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Pablo Picasso once said, “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” It seems he achieved at least part of his goal, as his net worth at the time of his death was approximately $50 million (Danner). Such a quote – and assumed lifestyle – could be an indicator of a person dealing with the underspending money disorder. This paper will discuss the underspending money disorder, money scripts related to underspending, and why the brain creates said money scripts.
Underspending “is spending significantly less than the amount you could conservatively spend annually and still have a 99% chance of never running out of money” (The Evils of Underspending). According to Klontz and Klontz, “those who underspend may have plenty of savings. Yet they keep themselves emotionally poor by refusing to use and enjoy what they do have” (149). Underspenders are physically and emotionally unable to spend their money on themselves or anyone else. In some cases, people go so far as to hide money in the freezer, under the mattress, or buried in the backyard rather than trusting banks or government entities. This could be an underspender’s way of balancing a feeling of not being in control of their money. Another article notes that underspenders live in dread of financial ruin…convinced they’re on the verge of disaster” even if they are nowhere close (Cazzin). Klontz and Klontz later state that this money disorder is often based on a compulsive need to be self-sacrificing, unfounded…

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