The Modern Translation Of Sophocles ' Original Writing Essay

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Antigonick, the modern translation of Sophocles’ original work by Anne Carson, uses a unique poetic style to delve into the classic Greek tragedy with updated references in language and the inclusion of history throughout the translation. As impressive and easy to read this version is compared to the classic translations, Carson’s choices lead readers down a road of controversy. One controversy is whether or not Antigonick is a feminist text based on the gender roles portrayed throughout the story line. While Carson’s translation of Antigonick has evidence of being a feminist text, especially when examining the character of Antigone, the text also contains numerous misogynistic references in its plot, which can be seen through the characters of Ismene, Eurydike, and Kreon.
When Antigone is initially telling Ismene about the plot to give their brother a rightful burial, Ismene says, “we two are alone, and we are girls, girls cannot force their way against man” (Carson 10). Ismene is essentially telling Antigone she will not be able to stand up to Kreon, who is forbidding the proper burial of Polynices, and win simply because she is a woman. According to Ismene, no matter what Antigone does she will be inferior to Kreon due to her gender. On the next page Antigone says she will go against man, but her sister replies, “sweet sister, you aim too high”, further justifying the fact that Ismene does not believe Antigone is doing the right thing. As if saying a women shouldn’t…

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