The Modern Idea Of Slavery Essay

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The modern idea of slavery is that of a racially based enslavement. The slavery of the United States in the 19th century was based upon the belief that blacks were inferior to whites. This white supremacy provided a justification to the slave industry. The beliefs that defended enslavement were not always this way. In Ancient Greece, the philosopher Aristotle viewed the institution of slavery through a different justification. Aristotle viewed slavery as a fulfillment of natural order and necessity and believed the barbarians were unavoidably “Otherized” based on their culture and uncivilized nature.
The philosopher Aristotle lived between the years 384 and 322 BC. The time period Aristotle lived during is considered the Classical period which was a time period of cultural history characterized by the empires of the Mediterranean, Greece and Rome. This collective era is known as the Greco-Roman World. The Classical period began with the earliest Greek writings of poet Homer, author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, continues through the advent of Christianity in the first century AD, and ended with the conclusion of classical culture at the close of Late Antiquity, giving way to the Middle Ages. The influences of Greco-Roman culture vastly impacted the science, art, politics, language and architecture in later periods when the ideas of the classical period were revived in the Renaissance1. Classical Greece began with the fall the Athenian tyranny in 510 BC and ended with the…

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