The Modern Day Era Essay

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As a society, humans in the Western World have evolved morally, physically, emotionally, and economically. Major events have impacted our outlook on life, and each problem solved has put us further ahead. Most shockingly of all, our thoughts on human rights and equality have evolved drastically since the late 1500s, and exceeded others morality in a sense of the modern day era. In the time period beginning in the early 1500s, we didn’t see many of our basic rights being played out into the work force, or any living standard for that matter. Slaves were being abused, wars were being fought, and people overall were big on discriminating everyone and everything that wasn’t just like them. With these with lack of rights comes rebellion, and a few braves souls throughout the course of time have come forward in attempts to gain their right of speech, the first being Martin Luther during the period of the Reformation. Luther with his “Of Matters to be Considered in the Council” was addressed to the Nobility of the German Nation, when he believed that the church was using their power for other controversial reasons than the sole act of God and his will. In his document, he points out that Pope Leo X, “lives in a worldly pomp that no king or emperor can equal, so that in him that calls himself most holy and most spiritual there is more worldliness than in the world itself” and questions why someone who claims to be religion driven has these types of accommodations.…

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