The Miserable Life Of Willy Loman Essay

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The Miserable Life of Willy Loman Like everything that exists, technology has its pros and cons. Technology, especially recent technology, has been a growing sensation throughout the world within the last half-century. Technology enables us to do things much quicker and easier than before. For example, “communication has been changed dramatically since the telephone” (2). Before the telephone, you had to travel in order to talk to a long-distance relative. With the telephone, you only have to dial a few numbers and, viola; you can talk to your beloved grandmother that is currently 500 miles away. One of the many bad things about technology, however, is “the impact it has had on” material wealth and “popularity” (2). People now care more about how cool they look or how popular they are on Instagram than they care about important world news. This obsession with popularity and material wealth “can cloud one’s mind” and cause people to do stupid things for publicity (2). This is apparent in the play Death of a Salesman, particularly in the main character Willy. Willy is so obsessed with being successful and liked around town that he teaches his children the wrong lessons and ways to look at life. Willy’s obsession with material wealth and popularity prevents him from achieving true happiness.
Willy’s obsession with material wealth and popularity is apparent from the beginning of the play. Throughout the play, Willy asks why Biff, his eldest son, has not yet become…

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