The Ministry Of Public Education Of Costa Rica Essay

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When I was in school, I remember that there were some kids that were always annoying other children during the breaks. In that time, the definition of Bullying did not exist. Teachers and parents thought it was just a game between kids. However, nowadays it is very common to hear about bullying. In very simple words, bullying refers to every intentional action that a person does against another in order to hurt that individual. Moreover, the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica (2015) establishes that bullying is a type of discrimination between students because of their differences such as nationality, ethnicity, disabilities, religion, sexual identity, etc. This is a real problem that is affecting every single place in the world and Costa Rica is not the exception. Some years ago physical, verbal and social bullying have increased in Costa Rican schools. This situation challenges the country to demonstrate and fight for the revival of the peace that has distinguished the nation. Physical bullying is one of the most common types of violence in Costa Rican schools. This kind of bullying occurs when a person or a group of people hurt the body of someone else. An inquiry, made by SERCE in 2010, showed that physical bullying in Costa Rica is about 21,2% of all the violence in its schools (UNESCO, 2013). Physical abuse in schools can happen in different ways. For instance, a kid hits or pushes another with no reason. Notwithstanding, it is just an example, there are many…

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