The Minimum Wage Should Be Legal Essay

858 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The minimum wage has been a large debate in the past and is becoming an even more prominently discussed subject more recently. Some call for the raise to be ten dollars while other want the minimum wage to be up to fifteen dollars. Recent presidential candidates have even stated their opinions on the issue. Bernie Sanders believes there should be a national rate of fifteen dollars per hour. Hilary Clinton believes in a twelve dollar minimum wage. Donald Trump believes it should increase but wants to leave wages in the hands of the state governments. Extensive research has been done to discover the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage. Economic stimulus is just one of many pros to increasing the minimum wage. When people have more money, they are able to spend more money, and the money “ripples through the economy” (Halvorson). People would also be less reliant on government aid programs if they had a higher income. Minimum wage workers are more likely than any other worker to rely on government run programs (Halvorson). The Economic Policy Institute published a study that stated increasing the wage to $10.10 would “reduce spending on food stamps, public housing and other programs by over $7.6 billion a year” (Jacobson). The money that goes to these programs could be relocated to help where other funds are needed. An article by Chad Halvorson states that the turnover rate would decrease and more workers would feel more “comfortable” and “satisfied” with their…

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