Essay about The Mind Of The South By Willard J. Cash

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It has been over seventy-two years since "The Mind of the South” was written by Willard J. Cash, more commonly known as W. J. Cash. Mr. Cash was born in South Carolina in 1900. As a Carolinas native, he was raised with detailed knowledge of the South 's culture, society and history. In 1936, W. J. Cash had written a series of articles for the nationally renowned magazine, American Mercury. The magazine’s publisher Alfred A. Knopf offered Cash the opportunity to write a single volume history of the South. My perception of W. J. Cash is one of a true southerner, making his way back home to his roots and providing the readers with his viewpoint of the southern culture. His viewpoints of the South can be the good, the bad and or the not so pretty.
In 1941, when the book was released for publication, the South was still acting as the old South, still under the old Southern mentality, such as the whites and blacks had certain roles in life. One of the most significant reasons why Cash thought that the South developed differently from the North is that he viewed the South in three specific frontier stages. They were the pre-Civil War stage, the Civil War and Reconstruction stage and finally the Industrialization stage. However, through each of these stages, the old Southern features continued to remain. During the pre-Civil War stage in the south, Cash does his best to expose the southern plantation owner’s myths that they were associated with English royalty. There may have…

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