The Mind At Work By Mike Rose Essay

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The Mind at Work, written by Mike Rose is a story about day-to-day jobs that people partake in for a living, his main purpose of this story was to make people aware of the need to take notice of forms of intelligence that have not been tested through IQ tests and bring various things together like how the brain and hand can not be separated, they work dynamically. In this essay, I will go over the key points that I thought Rose wanted his readers to understand also, what I disagree with and agree with and also how the hand and brain work together.
I found that the first couple of chapters in the book went over the key points rather than the last couple of chapters, Rose explains that all work has some sort of skill required to do the job and some takes less time to learn than others, he also believes that everybody who has a job must use their “Smarts” in order to get their work done with integrity. Rose believes that work is what people do to fulfill their needs in many different ways providing them opportunities to socialize, learn, and preform specialist skills, he refers to It as becoming a part of a “Brotherhood”, and lastly to make a living.
All of his interviews give key points of the story in detail and I will cover some I thought were the most important. All of which were the physical demands of a occupation mostly through chapters 1 through 6, and did a total of 8 interviews. This is were rose begins his interviews and try’s to open the readers eyes to what it…

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