Essay on The Military Conflict Of The Revolutionary War

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The Military Conflict of the Revolutionary War During the Revolutionary War, the British and the Americans both had a variety of goals that they wanted to accomplish and implemented a wide range of tactics and strategies in attempt to achieve each of their goals. Although there were a few times during the war where the British probably should have won, ultimately, the Americans triumphed and were able to establish the United States as an independent nation. The Battles of Lexington and Concord are considered to be the first battles of the Revolutionary War (Brinkley 128). The British goals in these battles were to take Sam Adams and John Hancock captive as well as steal gunpowder at Concord, but spies such as Paul Revere warned the colonists of Britain’s intentions (Funderburg). Because of the warnings provided to the colonies by the informants, the people in the colonies had time to prepare for the arrival of the British soldiers, and the British were unable to do as they had wished and were forced to retreat, surrounded by Minutemen. Just outside of Concord, guns were shot, beginning the American Revolutionary War. The Americans suffered 95 fatalities in this fighting, and the British suffered nearly three times that with 273 deaths (Funderburg). Following the fighting at Concord, the Second Continental Congress met to discuss the American’s goals of the war. Leaders such as Sam Adams desired total independence from Britain while others like John Dickinson simply…

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