The Milgram Experiment : Milgram 's Experiment Essay

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Perplexed by the idea of how humans can brutalize others by torture, acts of humility, killing and genocide prompted Stanley Milgram, a psychologist from Yale University, to perform a study known as The Milgram Experiment in 1963. The Milgram Experiment has been deemed one of the most famous studies in psychology and is still referred to this day to answer other questions that arise involving a number of problems.
Hitler’s demands of German police and soldiers to kill innocent Jews spurred Milgram to see how far people would go to hurt someone else when given an order. Thus, the Milgram Experiment began. To find participants Milgram posted a newspaper advertisement. He hired males who ranged from 20-50 in age. Milgram looked for men who were loyal to a job with large families to support. He assumed these men would stick with his experiment for a year and wouldn’t leave due to the obligation of feeding a large family. Milgram paid the participants $4.50 on arrival and eight months later offered them a third pay increase. In the end he offered his participants a $100 bonus. To start the experiment, Milgram instructed his participants to draw straws to determine their position in the research, learner or teacher; although, this was rigged. The learner was to sit in a chair and the teacher strapped electrodes to him. A third person known as the experimenter gave directions to the teacher. The learner was asked to remember four words and if he messed up, the teacher…

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