Summary Of Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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The Metamorphosis
Franz Kafka
Time in which it was written/ How do setting, culture, era, or social issues affect either the protagonist or the plot?
The Metamorphosis was written in 1915. The setting fits in the time period, because this was before the Great Depression and many people were still poverty suffering from poverty. You can see how rough times were in the book because of how dependent they were on Gregor to provide for them. Once he became incapable of working, they all had to find jobs.

(universal truths about life/author’s message)
-Gregor was transformed into a bug and his family was disgusted by his new appearance, they wanted nothing to do with him. He was
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Gregor’s family is worried about his health and thinks he is ill, because he is not coming out to go to work. His boss comes to the house because Gregor has not showed up to work and never misses work. Gregor comes out of his room trying to convince his boss not to leave. He is afraid that if his boss leaves, the state of his job is up in the air. His boss runs out after he witnesses Gregor’s new condition. His mother is startled by his appearance and backs up into the table, knocking over the coffee pot. He uncontrollably snaps his jaws at her. Gregor’s father sees that his wife is frightened and he shoves Gregor into his room, shutting the door behind him. This is significant because Gregor is now being treated differently because of his physical appearance. He is still part of the family, but is not being treated as such. Gregor realizes his whole life has changed because he is not capable of going to work anymore. Everything begins to go downhill from that point. Gregor is the provider for the family and he causes his family to suffer, because he is not able to provide for his …show more content…
Samsa decide to move the furniture out of Gregor’s room, so he has more space. Both women are in the process of moving all the furniture out of Gregor’s room, given his new state. Gregor clings on to this one picture, which is the only thing that reminds him that he is still normal. Gregor’s mother faints after she witnesses Gregor hanging on the wall, as this is the first time she sees Gregor. Mr. Samsa comes home to find his wife on the ground and Gregor out of his room. He then tries to get Gregor back in his room by throwing apples at him, and wounding him in his back. This is significant because Mrs. Samsa has to beg her husband to spare Gregor’s life. If she did not beg Mr. Samsa, Gregor might have ended up dead. Also he is throwing apples at him, like he is an intruder or prisoner. Gregor realizes that he cannot just go out when he wants; he has to give his family time to

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