The Mere Attempt At Perfection Essay

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The mere attempt at perfection is a lost cause, no one in the world can achieve something because one can only be as perfect as his flaws allow. August Wilson’s play, Fences, explores this theme of trying to be the best that one can be through the protagonist, Troy Maxson. His past defines him, where it is fitting to define Troy, and any person for that matter, as the sum of one’s experience. As the choices he makes in the play are defined by prior events in his life, he believes that his actions are justified. Through his roles as a son, father, and husband, Wilson shows the motive behind his decisions, and why he chooses to act on his past. His actions, albeit how unethical and immoral they might be are all due to his clinging on the past. This is his flaw that eventually leads to his failures as well as success. Thus, Troy’s view on life, his feelings toward his family, his self-centered nature, and his past experiences have shaped his true being, making him a man who works to the best that he could be. Troy’s view of life and how to succeed affects his relationship with his family, especially with his son Cory. In his past, he was influenced by the racial prejudice in his time and that plays a pivotal piece in the decision to keep Cory from playing football and going to college. Troy states, “I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn’t getting involved in no sports. Not after what they did to me in the sports…I just wasn’t the right color” (I. iii, 39).…

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