The Mental Illness Of Depression Essay

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In 2013, over 2.6 million adolescents ages 12-17 in the U.S. were estimated to have had at least one major depressive episode (National Institute of Mental Health). That is nearly 11% of the youth in this country. Blinded by my own depression, I never realized the myriad of people experiencing the same thing. Everywhere we look there is a person going through hardship. When faced with challenges in life you have to find your own way out and though depression is a debilitating disease that often goes overlooked, I found my way out.
Depression has such a vast array of ways in which it is able to manifest that to only recognize it in people who fit the stereotype of not getting out of bed and being “really sad” is a problem and can actually be detrimental to the person 's health. Now that is what is really sad. Since it is a mental illness, it cannot been seen by others and will often go overlooked until it grows into this big, hulking black cloud that shrouds the person. That is when it begins to affect other people; that is when other people begin to notice. It is an illness that needs to be addressed before it gets to that severity because at that point it becomes unmanageable and sometimes incurable.
Living with depression was hard, and the mere thought of being depressed was weird and frankly embarrassing. I often just thought it was in my head and that I was making it up. While yes, it was most certainly was my head because it a mental illness, I was not making it up.…

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