The Memories Of My Life Essay

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Looking back at it now, the picture brings back so many memories. Although it only shows one moment the memories that it contains would probably be able to fill a book. Not every memory is good but the majority of them are memories that i will remember throughout my lifetime. These memories are part of what makes me who I am.
I am shown sandwhich between beaming smiles from my parents. My mum to the left of me and on my right is my dad. There is then me sitting in the midle trying my absolute best to keep my eyes open as the Singapore sun targets them. All three of us are holding onto the mountin list but I am the only one who is holding onto the bar with both hands as if my life depended on it.
In the background there is a tiny island that is surrounded by boats sailing through the water that is about as blue as the sky above. A little peir streches out onto the water with many little shops that I earlier spent a big chunk of my spending money. The colourfulness of the sea and trees around us make the shining grey of the mountain lift stand out in the picture.
This picture was the first day of a three week long holiday to Australia. We were going to see family that emmagrated several years ago. Singapore was just a place to stop during the dreaded day-long flight. Although it was just a quick stop it was a great place as it had a completely different type of culture compared to any other place i had visited. The heat there was non-stop as even when it was raining it was…

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