The Mediocrity Of The Lower Socioeconomic Areas Of Appalachia

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Perpetuated Mediocrity in the Lower Socioeconomic Areas of Appalachia Throughout my life, I have found several things that I have had to write off as merely unexplainable. One of greatest incidents I’ve encountered as of lately is how it is the societal norm for the vast majority of individuals who reside in the lower socioeconomic regions to perpetuate the poor quality of life that has stricken them since birth. At first I merely wrote these individuals off as those who chose apathy over drive. But once I had the opportunity to view a truly poor town I knew this categorization mustn’t be the case. In this area each individual seemed to wallow in the same poverty as their fellow residents. This societal structure was shown to me in my time interning at this town’s only hospital where my father’s company is contracted. Each morning I would wake up a few minutes early in order to take a new route to the facility to see if the all of the places I passed along the way were as impoverish as the others. To my shock it was near mirror images of rundown homes and closed down businesses’ in each path I took. As I looked onto the pedestrians I kept noticing the same content expression on each of their faces. My mind raced grasping at some if any reasoning or explanation as to why these people looked so content with such a self-inflicted world they lived in. Only through learning and applying as much as I possibly could throughout this lecture course on social psychology was I able…

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