The Medical Renaissance : The Cardiovascular System Essay

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The Medical Renaissance: The Cardiovascular System Medical care today is something whose history and presence we take for granted. It is sterile, highly regulated, and only exercised by trained, experienced professionals. However, before and during the Middle Ages, medical care was almost nonexistent—due in large part to our lack of knowledge, or lack of correct knowledge, of how the human body functioned. Almost all of our understandings of the human body had been from Galen in Ancient Greece’s theories, but they were not very accurate or detailed (Rogers 14-15). It wasn’t until during the Renaissance period (1400s to 1700s) that many European scholars (Leonardo da Vinci, William Harvey, etc.) realized that medical care needed to change, but when they began “to seek out the original texts by Galen, to check translations and to see whether there was even more they could learn from the greatest of all doctors” (Dawson 9), they realized that Galen was wrong. They started to study the human body and soon began to understand the complicated physiology that they previously had incorrect information on, and because of this, they also discovered countless new attributes of anatomy that they hadn’t known before. One of the biggest discoveries these scholars made was of the cardiovascular system, and when they began understanding it more thoroughly, they were able to radically alter and rectify medical care and its effectiveness. Before the 1400s, people knew very little…

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