Essay on The Medical Billing And Coding Department

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As the manager of the Medical Billing and Coding department, you are often in communication with many patients a day. You begin to meet with a patient and notice that she appears to have been crying. When you question this, she explains that she is concerned with what the physician has prescribed for her ailments because she is on constant pain.
She asks you the following questions.
What is the meaning of sustained release on medication bottle?
She used to have a cream, but now has an ointment. What is the difference?
Explain the purposes, advantages, and disadvantages of the different routes of drug administration

I would calm the patient down and tell her I will be happy to explain her questions and help with her concerns. I would tell her the sustained release medicine her physician prescribed was to better control her pain by maintaining a constant level of medicine in her body. It is released into your body at certain intervals instead of all the medicine being in your body at one time. It will release a certain amount of medicine at the determined times the medicine was created for, like every four hours as hers is prescribed. This new prescription she will take one capsule every eight hours. When she takes her capsule, the medicine will maintain a constant level for four hours and then another four hours of medication would be released to control her pain for the whole eight hours. I would say I hope this helps to better control your pain.

I would say the…

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