The Media 's Influence On Female Athletes Essay example

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Ginsberg and Gray (2005) studied images in sports magazines depicting female athletes in judged and non-judged sports in sports media within the frame of Social comparison theory. Social comparison theory revolves around the idea that we decide our social and self-worth based on how we compare to others we identify with (Ginsberg & Gray, 2005). The way in which racial, or even class and gender groups are perceived by society, are manipulated by the way the media frames athletes in photographs. This manipulation convinces media consumers to think or feel a certain way (Clavio & Eagleman, 2011). Clavio and Eagleman (2011), report that photographs have a greater influence than text because they allow the media to frame the athletes the way the photographer thinks society should view them. Women are sexualized frequently in sports media, and images portrayed in media often conform to European beauty standards (white, blonde, thin) (Daniels, 2012). In the Ginsberg and Gray (2005) study, merely 6.7% of the 223 cover models were African American. The images were coded for the study, so there was no feedback from participants, but the findings supported other research that women have increased body dissatisfaction when exposed to thin media images (Ginsberg & Gray, 2005). In Daniels’s study, just 1% of adolescent participants were Black/African American, and <1% of college participants were African American. If only 6.7% of images in sports media are of African American…

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