The Media 's Criminalization Of Blackness Essay

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The media’s criminalization of blackness The objective of my paper is to do a content analysis regarding the media’s portrayal of black crime, and how crime has become synonymous with blackness. I will explore through how the media effects discourse in society, and how black men are overwhelmingly depicted as “thugs” in television shows. More importantly, I will address how this representation of blackness in the media has direct effects on the lives of individual black people. The media’s criminalization of blackness has created and reinforced structural limitations for black people. Also, how effective is agency when faced with social structure? Black lives and opportunities are directly affected by the media’s representation of blackness.

I will use ideas from C. Wright Mills regarding the sociological imagination, which is the ability to understand the dynamic relationship between the individual and the larger society. Black people often face series of limitations in their lives as a result of the perspectives of society. These perspective are fed to society through television, news articles, and even fictional crime shows. External forces have a direct impact on the lives of black people. Furthermore, I will explore the role of hegemony, or ideological control, in black culture. Hegemony is evident in the consciousness of black people, who fear dressing or acting “too black“ as this has negative repercussions in their personal lives. The media plays an enormous…

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