The Media Portrays Men And Women Essay

1487 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
There has always been the question as to whether or not men and women are treated equally. It is not necessarily easy to determine if we are considered treated equally or are not considered treated equally. Both men and women feel strongly about each other’s worth and what they deserve. With that being said, this is an important topic in our society because it determines how we function as a whole. Most importantly, it creates peace within our world by allowing individuals to help others and not focus on whom or who is not better than the other. Moreover, equality between women and men is essential in our world because everyone is human and deserves to be happy. However, in today’s society it is a challenge for men and women to be considered equal. One challenge that comes into factor is the way the media portrays men and women to be. The way the media portrays men and women gives us a better understanding of why people may or may not think we are considered equal since it gives us an idea of how the world views us in our society. This essay specifically focuses on the overall expectations of men and women in society, how both men and women are portrayed in the media, and the overall idea of equality between men and women. Since the beginning of time there have been distinguished expectations of women and men in our society. For some reason we label certain tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and staying at home with the children as a women’s job. On the other hand, there…

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