The Media Coverage Of Suicide Essay

1040 Words Mar 31st, 2016 5 Pages
“About 30,000 people kill themselves in this country yearly and half a million more wind up in the emergency room following a suicide attempt. Does media coverage of suicide reflect these realities? Generally not. Instead, coverage tends to focus on a rash of suicides at a university; a study that finds evidence of family tendencies toward suicide; or the prominent, successful doctors, actors, writers, or business people who kill themselves” (Deutschman-Ruiz 1). Can you imagine that this many people in the US alone commit suicide and all the media notices is the big stories? The media doesn’t mention suicides that often because they are afraid that reporting them will cause others to try to use these methods. The media should report even though there is the risk of copycats because of the awareness it will give others. If the media doesn’t report on suicides people will not be as aware of how many people are trying it. Without reporting on suicides people do not see the reality of this growing problem and are not getting the message across. Although the media thinks it is dangerous to report on suicides, the media should report on the victims because it will raise awareness, give closure, and will help the media report it safely.
The media should report on suicides because it will raise awareness about how real suicide is. A parent of a suicidal teen, Ginny Dennehy, thinks that, “When the media puts a name to the situation it brings the person to life and makes us realize…

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